Guide To Choosing The Best Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are among the most popular fitness tools, and they are only growing. They serve as an easily accessible alternative to the gym and an easy way of shedding extra pounds and staying active! Exercise bikes are suitable for individuals in all fitness levels. This is because they offer a cardiovascular workout that does not negatively affect the back and the joints.

We have seen many exercise bike adverts on television, in the newspaper, and on the internet. However, you can get overwhelmed when choosing one because there are so many options, such as a stationary bike, recumbent bike, and spin bike. Use the tips here to learn how to choose an exercise bike for your needs. Once you have this knowledge, you will be ready to search for the best exercise bike!

Determine A Budget

The prices of exercise bikes vary significantly. As a result, you should determine a budget before you start searching for one! Although the highest-priced indoor cycles can reach up to 1500 dollars, entry-level ones may only cost 150 to 250 dollars! If you want a commercial-level bike, expect to pay seven hundred to 1200 dollars. The price ranges of upright and recumbent bikes are similar! The cheapest models range between two hundred and 250 dollars, even though you may have to pay up to five hundred dollars in certain cases. These prices depend on various advanced features and differ across brands.

Of course, you do not have to purchase a new exercise bike! There are many refurbished brands in the market, which are relatively cheaper than new ones. Although you can buy a high-quality bike at a lower price, you need to be careful if you choose a refurbished one. You should understand why and how it has been refurbished to ensure all the components are in a good state.

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Understand Basic Features

When you want to buy an exercise bike, you have to understand the basic features! These features include elements such as the seat, resistance, and pedals. In many cases, you should choose a bike with various resistance levels and a seat that you can comfortably use. The seat is particularly important since you will spend a significant amount of time on your bike! It would help if you also considered a bike with a seat that you can adjust. Of course, you can also buy a padded or gelled seat cover for added comfort.

When looking at exercise bikes, try to make sure you get one with wide enough pedals with some strapping to ensure your feet will not slip. Another basic feature on exercise bikes to pay attention to is the monitor! It should show you your speed and time when biking, as well as details on your chosen resistance level. This monitor is also likely where connected features will start.

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Evaluate Connected Features

You should always evaluate the connected features of exercise bikes you are thinking about buying. These features vary from model to model! Generally, a connected bike has Wi-Fi and a display that shows live or pre-recorded sessions or records your workout data. The workout data connected features record include your heart rate and calories burned! These models are relatively expensive than their non-connected counterparts. They may require you to make a monthly subscription payment to get the guided sessions and workout videos. In addition, these bikes can be highly motivating, since they enable you to monitor your progress. Additionally, you receive feedback from your instructors!

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Evaluate The Major Types Of Exercise Bikes

When you are buying a bike, you should evaluate the major types to find one that fits your needs. Exercise bikes are categorized into three major types. They are indoor cycles, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes! Indoor cycles have a few features, but offer a riding experience that is closer to authentic outdoor cycling. Indoor cycles, which allow users to stand as well as sit, imitate vertical climbing and other outdoor cycling exercises. They have a chain-drive system like those on racing bikes, and you set the resistance manually. They are suitable for high-intensity training and challenging fat-burning activities!

Upright bikes place you in a conventional position like that on a standard road bike. They have sufficient space and facilitate solid cardiovascular exercises. Although you can lean forward when riding, you can also engage your core muscles if you maintain an upright position! Finally, recumbent bikes let you sit in a reclined position. They offer back support, which allows you to ride in a more relaxed and horizontal position. Recumbent bikes are suitable for low-intensity workouts and help you reduce pressure on your back.

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Review Ability To Customize The Bike

Some exercise bikes are not one-size-fits that can suit everyone. Thus, you need to choose a bike that you can customize! Look for bikes that allow you to move the handlebars and adjust the seat to get the correct fit. The exact positioning of an exercise bike relies on the type and provided user instructions. In general, upright bikes and indoor cycles should be set so that when you sit on them, your spine remains straight, your knees slightly bent when you move your feet, and your arms stay at a ninety-degree angle when you grab the handlebars.

You can do this by setting the handlebars about the length of the distance between your elbow and fist from your body. The saddle should be at the height of your hips when standing. For a recumbent bicycle, adjust the seat to ensure you can slightly bend your knee when you spread your leg. Although the positioning is vital, it may help you if you can also customize connected features!

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