Overview Of Common Hair, Skin, And Nail Supplements

Many over-the-counter supplements benefit skin, hair, and nail health. There are even specific supplements for these benefits! Patients can take certain supplements to improve acne, boost hair growth, and reduce nail breakage. Of course, individuals need to ask their doctor before taking any oral supplements, including individual vitamins. This is because high doses of some supplements cause side effects, such as constipation and diarrhea. When taking supplements, individuals need to report any issues to their doctor!

There are skin supplements out there for issues like acne and glowing skin. Individuals can also choose specific nail supplements. Of course, these are designed for those issues! Some individual vitamin supplements are helpful too. One example is collagen tablets! However, patients need to learn about their options for the best hair growth supplements, vitamins for nail strength, and vitamins for acne first.



Research shows that taking zinc helps hair follicle health! It strengthens hair strands, decreases hair shedding, and increases hair volume. Some patients even find that zinc supplements make their hair grow faster! This supplement helps in the treatment of scalp fungal infections. One example, of course, is dandruff. Patients should not take more than fifteen milligrams daily when they are doing so for hair health! They should only take zinc for up to three months. Taking zinc for longer periods or in higher doses increases the risk of side effects.

Individuals who are deficient in zinc often have white spots on their fingernails. Thankfully, supplements help correct this! In addition, some individuals say that zinc supplements help with acne breakouts. They also treat psoriasis and skin ulcers, according to some patients.

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