Overview Of Common Hair, Skin, And Nail Supplements



Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a coenzyme. It is involved in fatty acid, amino acid, and glucose metabolism. Research shows that biotin helps with hair health and hair growth! Participants in various research studies reported boosts in their hair volume, thickness, and scalp coverage after only three months of treatment. Six months of biotin supplements gave participants shinier hair. This vitamin also helps reduce hair loss and brittle nails! Biotin supplements are also good for treating and even preventing various skin issues. Examples include acne, rashes, fungal skin infections, and dry or cracked skin!

In addition to the mentioned benefits, biotin supplements also help treat deficiencies. Biotin deficiencies are more common in individuals taking certain seizure medications and antibiotics. A deficiency is also common in celiac disease patients! However, patients with these issues should talk to their doctor first. Biotin is common in many topical treatments. However, experts claim it is best when taken orally! In most cases, doctors recommend a maximum dose of three thousand micrograms daily.  

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