Overview Of Common Hair, Skin, And Nail Supplements



Collagen is a protein made of nineteen amino acids! Unfortunately, the body produces less collagen as an individual ages. This is what triggers the development of wrinkles and fine lines. It also contributes to the loss of skin elasticity! Collagen supplements are helpful with this. They improve skin texture and reduce skin aging signs, like fine lines and wrinkles. Evidence shows that collagen helps fight free radicals. This is why some individuals who take these supplements experience an increase in hair thickness and growth. Collagen supplements also help prevent nail breakage and brittle nails!

A 2017 study involved twenty-five individuals who ate 2.5 grams of a specific collagen supplement daily for twenty-four weeks. The results showed that the average nail growth rate of the participants increased by twelve percent. In addition, nail breakage frequency decreased by forty-two percent! However, this study did not have a control group. Thus, more research on collagen supplements for nail health is necessary!

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