Guide To B Vitamins



Folate is vitamin B9! In many cases, it is also referred to as folic acid. This vitamin is crucial in red blood cell formation. It also supports the healthy function of the adrenal glands. Individuals need this vitamin to maintain their brain and nervous system health as well! Pregnant women need folate early in their pregnancy. This is because it helps them reduce the risk of congenital disabilities. Amazing sources of this vitamin include nuts, peas, bananas, oranges, and dark green vegetables! Other examples are beans, lemons, and strawberries. In addition, this vitamin is common in fortified foods. This includes cereal! Adults need to have a daily folate intake of four hundred micrograms. Pregnant women need four to eight hundred micrograms daily!

Most individuals do not experience a folate deficiency. However, certain groups are at an increased risk, such as celiac disease patients. Folate is vital, as research shows it can reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer and depression. Of course, these supplements can trigger side effects. Examples include appetite loss, confusion, nausea, irritability, and sleep problems. In addition, the supplements interact with some medications. Thus, patients must talk to their doctor about their current medications first! Doses often need to be adjusted.

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