Benefits Of Using Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is used to clean hands and kill germs! It is available as a gel, foam, spray, and liquid. Although many hand sanitizers on the market do not contain alcohol, experts caution that these are not effective in killing germs. People who wish to use hand sanitizer should always use an alcohol-based formula! Hand sanitizer is intended for use when soap and water are not available. This is why many public places have dispensers with hand sanitizer for customers! For the best protection, healthcare professionals recommend choosing a hand sanitizer that contains at least sixty percent alcohol. Since alcohol can cause skin dryness and irritation, many hand sanitizers also contain moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera.

It helps to try several different types of hand sanitizer, including hand sanitizer gel and hand sanitizing wipes. This is especially great if you have sensitive skin! Learn about the benefits of using sanitizer and antibacterial hand gel now. These benefits will have you searching online to buy hand sanitizer before you know it!

Portable And Convenient

Hand sanitizer is available as a spray and a gel. You can buy it in a variety of sizes, including travel sizes! Most bottles of hand sanitizer easily fit in a purse or pocket, which makes them a portable and convenient option for handwashing when soap and water are not available. Keep extra bottles of hand sanitizer in the car so that you will always have some! When storing hand sanitizer in the car, make sure that the container is closed at all times. Over time, the alcohol in hand sanitizer slowly evaporates. Keeping the container closed will help maintain the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer for as long as possible! Always check the expiration date on hand sanitizer, and replace any bottles that are out of date.

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No Need For Water

Since there is no need for water when using hand sanitizer, it can be particularly useful for handwashing when a sink is not available. For example, you can use hand sanitizer after touching a grocery store cart, petting an animal, or using public transportation. It is also beneficial after shaking hands with others at gatherings! Of course, you should always read the directions on the back of the container to ensure you use it correctly.

Locate the manufacturer's recommended amount of hand sanitizer for each application, and dispense that amount into the palm of one of your hands. Begin rubbing your hands together and completely cover both hands with the product, including your fingernails and between your fingers. Continue to rub the hand sanitizer into your skin until your hands are dry!

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Easy For Group Settings

The convenience that hand sanitizer offers makes its use especially easy for group settings. Many public places have hand sanitizer dispensers, including grocery stores, shopping malls, post offices, banks, hospitals, hotels, and schools. Many devices are touch-free. This means that they will dispense the proper amount of hand sanitizer into your hands without the need to touch the dispenser! If you do not have your own hand sanitizer with you when you are out and about, using a dispenser at a public place is recommended. This is especially the case when you have just touched a surface, exchanged money, or touched someone's hands. Typically, dispensers are located near the entrances and exits of stores and other public buildings. Most public restrooms have hand sanitizer dispensers too.

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Quick To Achieve Cleanliness

Like handwashing with soap and water, experts recommend that you hand sanitizer into your hands for twenty seconds! This length of time is sufficient to clean your hands and kill viruses and bacteria. The effectiveness of hand sanitizer lasts for approximately two minutes, and the alcohol in the product directly destroys germs. Hand sanitizer may be less effective than soap and water in cleaning hands that are soiled with dirt or grease. This is why experts recommend hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available! In addition, you must wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible. For maximum protection, researchers suggest washing the hands with soap and water before applying hand sanitizer.

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Effective At Killing Bacteria and Viruses

Hand sanitizer is quite effective at killing bacteria and viruses! For example, a 2015 study found that the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers reduced salmonella and E.coli. Research from 2019 indicated that hand sanitizers help reduce the spread of MRSA. Other studies have concluded that the use of hand sanitizer reduces confirmed cases of influenza A!

However, hand sanitizer is not effective against norovirus, Clostridium difficile, and Cryptosporidium. These viruses and bacteria can only be killed by handwashing with soap and water. While hand sanitizers are effective at killing viruses and bacteria, washing your hands with soap and water is still the best at reducing germs on your hands. For this reason, experts recommend that hand sanitizers are used in conjunction with handwashing with soap and water whenever this is possible.

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