Benefits Of Meal Delivery Services

Deciding what to eat every day can be a significant struggle. In fact, even meal planning can be difficult, especially when you try to juggle personal preference with specials at the grocery store and the desire for variety. If you are cooking for more than one, it can be an even bigger struggle.

A meal delivery service is great. Although it likely will not solve every problem, it certainly makes meal planning significantly easier! There are many meal kits available. They include vegan meal delivery services, meal delivery kits designed for weight loss or even vegetarians, and even a simple healthy meal delivery every so often! Once you understand the benefits of a meal delivery service, you will be searching for and signing up for one before you know it.

Save Time Cooking And Planning Meals

Of course, the biggest benefit of subscribing to a meal delivery service is that they do all the work for you! A few moments of looking at a selection of recipes will yield a week of meal planning. Thus, say goodbye to flipping through the same old cookbooks that you have had forever or trying to find a recipe you saw on Pinterest three months ago. It can sometimes feel like magic to click a few buttons and have fully-prepared meals or pre-measured ingredients show up on your doorstep. Once prepared meals have arrived, whether you prefer microwave, standard oven, or air fryer convenience, heating them is a cinch. It is virtually foolproof!

If you have selected a service that delivers fresh, prepped ingredients, the convenience of having pre-measured spices and pre-portioned proteins makes cooking dinner like hosting your own cooking show. Someone else has done the legwork, and all you need to do is follow directions and keep your smoke detector silent! A subscription is worth it to save time cooking and planning meals.

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Wider Variety Of Meals

Tuesdays are for tacos, and on Wednesdays, it is time for pink salmon. Friday night is pizza night! Of course, you cannot forget the chorus of wailing children: “Meatloaf again?” Do any of these sound familiar? If you are in a recipe rut, meal delivery services can introduce you to a wider variety of meals. If you have a craving for Middle Eastern cuisine, but do not know where to start, there is a solution. A meal service selection of harissa chicken and spiced chickpeas and couscous may help you discover your new favorite recipe! If you are tired of the same takeout, you can easily spice up your kitchen with one-pan beef and udon noodle stir fry. The options with meal delivery services are endless and easy to prepare at the same time!

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Improved Portion Control

Sometimes we can cook too much of a good thing. Nonna’s famous lasagne once fed a family of eight with some to take home after. Although some recipes taste better the next day, leftovers can also be hit or miss. Most people who use a meal delivery service say that improved portion control is one of the best benefits of the service! With pre-portioned meals and ingredients, you do not have to think about it. Nutrition labels are given for each recipe. Some companies even offer advanced macros for those who are really health conscious.

If you are trying to eat in a calorie deficit, there are subscriptions that offer menus with weight management in mind. In addition, the improved portion control and pre-measured ingredients mean that nothing will go to waste!

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Easy To Customize For Specialized Diets

There are many different diets and dietary restrictions out there, including food allergies, gluten-free, dairy-free, ketogenic, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and halal. We all have specific dietary needs! Thankfully, most companies that offer meal delivery services also provide options that make it easy to customize their plans for specialized diets. If your diet requires super strict ingredients or zero cross-contamination, chances are you can find a meal delivery service with dedicated facilities to package and prepare meals tailored to your needs.

In addition, most meal delivery services will have tips for picky eaters as well. An example is on what ingredients to leave out or substitute to avoid upsetting a picky eater! Of course, there are also family-friendly plans that satisfy these eaters too.

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Reduced Food Wastage

Most of us have been guilty of buying something we should not have done, such as a big tub of our favorite Greek yogurt instead of single-serve packages because it is cheaper, only to throw out half of it when the expiry date hits. In addition, many of us have to throw away random stalks of limp celery and freezer-burned chicken, among many other foods. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that food loss and waste at the retail and consumer levels is at least thirty-one percent of the food supply, but can reach much higher.

The estimate of thirty-one percent is equal to approximately 133 billion pounds of food and 162 billion dollars! Both amounts are staggering! However, because meal delivery services offer pre-portioned ingredients, the reduction in food wastage is significant. In addition, studies show meal delivery services actually have lower average treehouse gas emissions than those pre-packaged grocery store meals!

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