Simple Winter Skincare Tips For Managing Dry And Oily Skin

As winter approaches, the time comes to bundle up and prepare the furnace for lower temperatures. However, winter skincare involves more than just wearing warm, furry coats and turning on the heat. Cold weather is harsh on both dry and oily skin. The air becomes cold and dry, and with less moisture, the skin loses moisture quickly. This can cause several problems, including flaking, itching, and bumps on the skin. Fortunately, there are several strategies for maintaining smooth, healthy skin during the winter. Here are fifteen simple yet effective winter skincare tips for dry and oily skin.

Cleanse Daily

Skin on the face is most likely to be affected by the cold temperatures because it is always exposed to the atmosphere. Washing the face twice a day and doing a deep cleanse at night can help in maintaining smooth, clear skin. Deep cleansing using a quality product opens up the pores and removes impurities, oil, and other debris in the skin. It also leaves the skin feeling fresh and reduces the chances of suffering acne or breakouts during the winter. When purchasing a cleansing product, choose a mild one that will not dry out the skin.