Start Kicking Your Weekly Meal Planning Up A Notch

Most individuals who do the grocery shopping and cooking, whether just for themselves or for their families, tend to do some meal planning. This often stays informal and does not extend beyond briefly thinking about what to eat that week while they are grocery shopping or while making a simple grocery list before they head to the store. Those with busy lives, who want to try new meals, who may be on a budget, or who simply enjoy planning, often find themselves unhappy with an informal meal planning approach such as this.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to kick weekly meal planning up a notch, and it all starts with the recipes. Dive in now!

Keep A Simple Recipe Saving System

Meal planning can seem overwhelming to those who have not tried it before, but it doesn’t have to be! When you find recipes you want to repeat or are going to try for the first time, don’t make your system overly complicated. You can print them out and insert pages into a binder, use bookmarks on your internet browser, or even just write them in a notebook. In any case, keeping the system of saving simple recipes is key. Otherwise, more of your time will end up going towards collecting recipes and recording them rather than meal planning itself. If the cycle of collecting and recording seems endless, the chances that meal planning appearing overwhelming will increase.

Keep reading for how to generate ideas for what to cook each week.