How To Get The Best Quality Of Sleep Every Night

We all know a quality sleep is what helps us power through the day. However, sometimes getting a restful sleep is not as easy as it sounds. A healthy sleep cycle results from a constant inflection of highs and lows within the sleep cycle due to various hormones. Heart rate, body temperature, and cortisol - the stress hormone - are at their lowest during the second half of our sleep time, hence why it is necessary to ensure a comfortable as well as deep sleep. Healthy sleep habits can dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life. Therefore it is essential to practice good ‘sleep hygiene,’ as the experts call it, and maintain a healthy bedtime routine to ensure the best slumber possible.

Why Do We Need Sleep?

A good nights sleep is crucial for the production of growth and testosterone hormones that produce more strength, muscle, and vitality. It also helps an individual stay fit and maintain a healthy body weight, as it aids in the maintenance of insulin. A quality night’s sleep also decreases the chance of catching a cold, increases resilience to stress, and improves memory and performance. As the day dwindles down and evening arrives, the body begins to naturally produce the hormone known as melatonin, which helps trigger the body’s natural sleep cycle. Melatonin is produced due to the absence of sunlight, hence why individuals tend to feel more tired after the sun sets. 

Here are a few tips to help an individual obtain the best quality sleep, not just tonight, but every night.