How To Avoid Alcohol & Junk Food Without Destroying Your Social Life

For many individuals, a night out with friends involves eating a significant amount of not-so-healthy food and indulging in more than one alcoholic beverage! This also often means that individuals are going to be spending lots of money on each night out. However, even when individuals are simply going for dinner and not for a full night out, more emphasis is put on drinking alcohol and eating junk food. Even at the movies, junk food is taking over!

Eating too much junk food and drinking alcohol at every social outing has dramatic effects. Individuals will see weight gain, high blood pressure, and even compromised relationships in some cases! Individuals will need to take blood pressure medication and take significant strides to lose weight effectively. Compromised relationships will take lots of work to fix as well. Even couples therapy may be necessary to treat them!

Friendships Boost Health


Everyone needs to have a few strong friendships! Strong and healthy friendships are incredibly healthy for an individual's physical and mental health. These friendships are often what help individuals through challenging situations and periods in life. They also prevent loneliness and boost an individual's overall happiness! 

Various studies have indicated that adults with strong friendships have a significantly reduced risk of developing several health issues. These health issues include high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. The friendships help the body release endorphins, which benefit the individual's metabolism and digestion. Evidence also shows that adults with strong friendships live longer than those who do not!

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