How To Tell If You Are Burnt Out At Work

Job stress can quickly cause individuals to become burnt out at work. It affects an individual's physical and emotional state and causes mental exhaustion. They will begin to feel self-conscious about their ability to manage work and what value they bring to the workplace in general. Burn out at work can extend to an individual's family life and compromises their health. No one symptom can determine job burn out as the factors that brought individuals to this point are varying.

If an individual is not respected in the workplace and are taken for granted, this can cause strain. The pace of their work may be taking energy from them and causing tension in their body. If a workplace isn't managed properly, many colleagues may also have a negative outlook, which can be contagious. Many of the reasons individuals become burnt out from work are the fault of management and owners.

If you're experiencing more than one of the points below, it's possible that you're burnt out from work.

Inability To Relax


When you aren't given the ability to have a say about decisions directly affecting your job, this can cause stress. Your body begins to respond to the chaotic nature of the workplace as it produces adrenaline, keeping you wired constantly. From the time you wake up to get ready for work until you go to bed at night, you may be feeling your body is constantly tense. You may have a high level of energy with no ability to focus on one specific task at a time. You may grind your teeth while sleeping or even during the day, or feel the need to constantly be doing something.

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