7 Ways That Technology Causes Health Issues

In today’s world, we are faced with technology almost everywhere we go. While it adds convenience to our daily lives, these seemingly harmless devices can end up causing a lot of future health concerns. Phones, computers, and headphones are just some of the things that can eventually lead to bigger problems. Check out these more common issues, then turn off the technology for a while, giving your mind and body the breaks they deserve.



Between e-mailing, texting, social media, and the countless number of available apps, our fingers are almost constantly on our phones. The oils and bacteria that accumulate on your hands throughout the day transfer to your phone’s screen, then wind up on your face when you make a phone call. All that gunk can mean skin issues for you.

Try to make a habit of washing your hands regularly or using hand sanitizer throughout the day. By doing that and by wiping your screen down on a consistent basis, you will greatly up your odds of staying acne-free.

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