5 Special Medical Services Provided To The President of the USA

For such an important role in life, no patient has as much medical care (and as on demand) than the president of the United States. The president doesn’t go anywhere without his doctor, nurses, and paramedics, who are all ready for any medical situation. Here are five of the special medical services provided to the president.

In-House Physician


The White House has an in-house physician with the key role of ensuring the President of the United States remains in optimum health. The official title, of course, is Physician to the President, but many also refer to this physician as the White House doctor or Chief White House Physician. The physician is appointed by the president and has his own office within the White House. They are primarily responsible for providing medical care to the president and his family, as well as the vice president and his family. They also direct the remainder of the medical team at the White House, known as the White House Medical Unit.

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