Surprising Ways To Work Exercise Into Your Day

Everyone needs to exercise to remain in shape and healthy, there is no denying it. Most doctors will recommend thirty minutes of moderate exercise five times a week as a minimum, though of course, those looking to build muscle, lose weight, or train for an event may need to increase their exercise time and intensity significantly.

Although it is essential to work out, one of the most popular excuses for individuals not exercising is simply saying they did not have time. However, everyone has time to fit exercise into their day, regardless of how busy they are. It often comes down to making an effort. With this in mind, here are some surprising ways to work exercise into your day.

Go The Farthest Distance


Everyone will need to take breaks throughout the day to go to the washroom, just as everyone will need to get into the building and many to the appropriate floor to start their workday. Many individuals simply choose the washroom closest to their desk or ride in the elevator each morning. But for those looking to add more exercise into their day, going the farthest distance is the easiest choice. Instead of going to the washroom closest to your desk, travel to the one the farthest away, especially if it happens to be on another floor in the building. Rather than taking the elevator each morning and evening, walk up and down the stairs. Another way to increase the amount you walk without deviating too much from your routine is to park as far away from building entrances as possible and walk from there.

When it comes down to going the farthest distance, evaluate your current activities and see how you can maximize the amount of walking you do throughout the day. Bonus points if you speed walk!

Those who find themselves sitting at their desk all day have a prime opportunity to workout the entire time. Curious? Continue reading to find out how they can do this.