Killer Bodyweight Moves To Tone Your Butt And Leg Muscles

3Strengthening the muscles in the butt does not just make them look good in shorts. It can also help relieve lower back pain, assist with good posture, and make everyday movements easier. Brynn Putnam, certified trainer and founder of Refine Method, designed a circuit of bodyweight movements to strengthen the major muscle groups in the butt (the gluteus medius, maximus and minimus) that can be done at home without any equipment in twenty minutes.

Hip Drive


While sitting on the knees and the legs together, position the butt on the heels and sit up straight. Make sure the back is not slumped over and keep the eyes and head looking forward. Squeeze the gluteus muscles and bring the pelvis forward in a controlled motion. Bring the hips and butt back down to a kneeling position and repeat. This is a great beginner workout to help warm the body up for more challenging movements.