How Healthy Are Turkey & Lean Meats?

Turkey is often marketed as a healthy alternative to red meats in grocery stores and restaurants. If you have noticed the growing number of turkey burgers and other lean meats on the market, you might be wondering if turkey is really healthy for you or not. It turns out leans meats do live up to a lot of the hype surrounding them. Though they are not a miracle cure on their own, substituting lean meats for fatty red meat can make a big difference to your health. When you switch over to turkey and other types of lean meat, you can end up enjoying these health benefits.

Turkey Is Low-In Fat


The primary reason turkey is so often recommended for individuals trying to get healthy is it is low in fat. Turkey is an extremely lean protein that beats out chicken, pork, and beef when it comes to its amount of fat per serving. For example, an ounce of beef provides twenty percent of your daily fat intake while an ounce of turkey only provides three percent of your recommended fat intake for the day. This means you can eat plenty of turkey without having to worry about excessive fat intake. Of course, a small amount of fat each day is beneficial, as the body needs it to produce certain hormones and other materials. However, fat is fairly high in calories, so eating an excessive amount may cause you to struggle with weight.

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