The Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! Chia seeds have catapulted in popularity in recent years due to their significant amount of nutrition and health benefits. These seeds are thought to first be used by the Aztecs in Central America and were frequently used in Aztec diets as the seed is derived from a desert plant that is plentiful in the area. And interestingly, the chia seeds are part of the mint family despite the fact they have a somewhat nutty flavor. Individuals can add them to nearly any dish for any meal, such as blending them in smoothies for breakfast or sprinkling them over a salad at lunch. They can even use chia seeds as a coating for meat, fish, and tofu for dinner. 

Learn about their major health benefits now.

Packed With Nutrients


Because the body can absorb chia seeds, the level of useful nutrients far surpasses similar seeds like flaxseeds. Some of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients individuals will benefit from include copper, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium. Chia seeds are a whole-grain, unprocessed food source packed with nutrients. Individuals are likely familiar with the health benefits of calcium, but may not know phosphorus helps remove waste from the kidneys, repairs tissue and cells, manages the way the body stores and uses energy, maintains an individual's regular heartbeat, and reduces muscle pain after exercise? Copper can help reduce an individual's risk of dementia, and zinc aids in healing wounds, treating diarrhea, improving the immune system, and treating the common cold.

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