Guide To The Best Diets For Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is an eating approach in which patients restrict their eating periods to specific time frames, abstaining from food at all other times. There are several variations of fasting patients may want to consider. For beginners, experts suggest an eight-hour eating window is used. This means the patient will fast for sixteen hours a day and consume all meals within eight hours. Many followers of this approach choose to eat between noon and 8 PM. As patients become more comfortable with intermittent fasting, they may want to try more advanced approaches that require longer fasting periods. For example, some followers use the 'eat-stop-eat' method., which includes a twenty-four-hour fast. Patients stop eating after dinner on a day of their choice, and they do not eat again until dinner the following day (approximately twenty-four hours later). Most individuals begin by doing one twenty-four-hour fast per week, and some individuals who have been following this approach for a long period can do two of these fasts per week. Fasting reduces blood sugar, and many individuals lose weight with this method. Unlike other approaches, it does not require any calorie counting, and patients are free to eat any type of food during their eating periods. Individuals taking medication and those with diabetes should consult their doctor to ensure fasting is safe for their health needs.

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