Truths About Diet Sodas You Need To Know

Diet sodas are a calorie and sugar-free drink that has long been marketed as a means to losing weight. It has been said to prevent sugar-related diseases such as diabetes. There are no calories in diet soda, but there are also no significant health benefits associated with the drink. In fact, it has been discovered through a variety of studies, that diet soda can have numerous health risks associated with it.

Diet Soda And Diabetes

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Diabetes is infamously associated with sugar and obesity. Specifically, diabetes is a chronic condition that is associated with unusually high levels of sugar, or glucose, in the bloodstream. Insulin produced by the pancreas helps to lower blood glucose, however, an insufficient production of insulin or the body cannot use insulin properly, results in the development of diabetes. It was believed that a calorie conscious and sugar-free soda would help prevent the development of diabetes in some individuals, however, this theory is not true. A study that included over 6,000 participants from the ages of forty-five to eighty-five, showed that consuming one diet soda every day increased their risk by sixty-seven percent of developing Type II diabetes, rather than helping to prevent it while still enjoying the bubbly beverage. Women were especially prone to developing Type II diabetes if they consumed diet sodas on a regular basis, as their risk increased by more than six percent.

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