7 Exercises That You Don't Ever Want To Do

There are some exercises that were believed to assist your workout regime. Through the decades, physical activities for your fitness have grown and evolved. Some exercises were just a fad and actually had no positive impact on your body. There are some exercises that can cause you harm from debilitating spine injuries to joint problems. If you’ve ever done any of the below exercises, you may have experienced pain in the areas being brought up. Those places of discomfort while you do these exercises could be seriously compromised in an injury. See the below exercises you should never do.

Seated Hip Abductor Machine


While you may think you’re giving your outer thighs a good workout, this machine doesn’t engage the outer thigh muscles. It’s a hip muscle that’s doing all the work called the piriformis.

When you agitate the piriformis and it becomes agitated, it will affect your sciatica. This machine has claimed to focus on the trouble spots of outer thighs but experts say that focusing on a better diet is much more effective.

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