6 Things That Happen When You Begin Drinking Coke On A Daily Basis

Sugary drinks, such as Coke, are major contributors towards to the current obesity epidemic, especially in North America. Blood sugar levels will rise rapidly and the effects of caffeine and sugar will be evident within 40 minutes of consuming a soda. After 60 minutes or so, the individual will experience what is known as a sugar crash, leading to increased fatigue and mood swings. Not only can the drink itself be bad for health as soon as consuming, but the effects upon the body can lead to permanent health problems, some of which will be explored in this slideshow showing the effects of consuming this type of beverage on a daily basis.

Beware Of Dental Erosion

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The bacteria within the human mouth feed upon sugars, such as the ones found in soda, and when this happens the mouth will start creating damaging acids. These acids can have adverse effects on dental health, negatively impacting enamel, which is the coating that protects teeth from decay and damage. The sweetener and carbonated waters are the main culprits behind the impact that soda has upon dental health. Soda also has a high pH level, a scale that measures acidity, which means Coke and other soft drinks are highly acidic. When consumed with a meal, this type of beverage will have a little less of an effect on your dental health, but many who drink Coke or other sodas recommend having a glass of water right after in order to rinse their mouth of excess sugar build-up. Many science fairs across North America will feature baby teeth totally dissolving within soda in about 7 days, showing the cumulative effects the beverage has when consumed regularly.