Superb Ways To Strengthen Hair, Skin, And Nails

Minimize Stress

When individuals feel stressed, their bodies increase cortisol production, leading to an increase in oil production and, you guessed it, acne. Stress can also trigger the fall-out phase of hair as well as prolong it. Individuals may also pick at or bite their nails, rub their thumbnails causing ridges, and otherwise compromise nail health during stressful times. Thus, reducing stress is paramount for putting your hair, skin, and nails in the best positions possible for growth and strength.

Engage in stress-relieving activities such as practicing meditation, yoga, getting a relaxing massage, and listening to calm music. These are not the only activities available to reduce stress. Many individuals find reading relaxing, as well as watching their favorite movie, talking to friends, and even going out to socialize with others. Find what works best for you to reduce your stress and remember to integrate this into your routine, especially when a stressful event occurs.

Are you a fan of makeup and perfume? It might be time to think twice about what you put on your skin. Keep reading for the full details.

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