Simple Ways To Make Acne Disappear Using Milk & Olive Oil

Acne is not just a teen problem; it can affect people at all ages. Primarily popping up in puberty, the unsightly, and often embarrassing skin condition is caused by excess oil building up and clogging pores. It can lead to low self-confidence and low-self esteem, and despite frequent face-washing, it can be stubborn to treat because the cause also stems from genetics and hormone imbalances. Natural treatments include using olive oil and milk as the main ingredients. Follow these steps to reveal beautiful, clear skin in no time!

Olive Oil And Sea Salt Scrub

Green Eyed Grace

Sea salt is a natural exfoliator that may help kill bacteria, replenish skin-healing minerals, and minimize facial oils to help clear the skin. To use, mix one quarter to one half cup extra virgin olive oil with one cup of sea salt. Stir to make a paste and apply to a clean, wet face. After rubbing in gently, leave on for five minutes and rinse with warm water. Finally, apply a small amount of oil to keep the skin moisturized.

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